How to pay parking by SMS in Dubai

How can I pay by SMS?

Do you want to know how to pay for parking in Dubai? Can you pay by SMS? If you’re still paying with coins, it’s time to switch to MParking, the city’s automated SMS service for paying parking fines in Dubai. The Dubai Parking SMS system follows a fixed format and is a convenient way to ensure you don’t have to pay parking fines in the city!

How to pay parking by SMS in Dubai

What is MParking?

MParking is an electronic service provided by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) that allows Dubai motorists to pay for paid parking exclusively via SMS from their mobile phone. This is the easiest way to pay for paid parking tickets in Dubai.

How to pay by SMS?

Step 1

  1. TAShe first step to pay for Dubai Parking SMS system is to write a new message on your phone and enter the number “7275 (PARK)” in the sender address.

The official phone number 7275 can be used to pay for parking in Dubai via SMS.

  1. Once the SMS message is entered, it can be written in the following format. It is important to be correct when paying parking fines in Dubai.

Format: <vehicle registration number> <blank> <area number> <blank> <period>.

So your SMS should look like this: A15134 117C 1

  1. If you are in car park A and want to buy a ticket for half an hour, you can use the format 1/2.

For example: A12345 317C 1/2.

  1. Other ways that can be followed are: 0.5, 0.50, 0.5, 0.50, 30, 30 minutes, 30 minutes, 30 minutes. Half-hour parking in Dubai is only available in Area A.

How to proceed for cars not registered in Dubai

For vehicles not registered in Dubai, i.e. vehicles with a number plate from Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, the emirate code must be entered before the existing SMS format for parking in Dubai.

Format: <UAE/country code> <space> <indicator> <space number> <space> <duration> 

How to pay parking by SMS in Dubai for the Abu Dhabi plate?

Step 2

  1. Send a text message and receive a confirmation message.
  2. Once you’ve written the message, simply press the Send button!
  3. You will receive a confirmation text message telling you if the transaction was successful.
  4. In order for the transaction to be completed, you must have sufficient airtime/SMS credit on your phone.