How to activate and deactivate Botim in Etisalat?

How to unsubscribe Botim in Etisalat? There is a free internet service by Etisalat in which you can call through different apps like Botim, HIU messenger UAE and voice. Once you subscribe to this internet package, you can use the internet through these apps without deducting any credit from your account.

People in UAE commonly use the Botim app, so Etisalat has provided a free service for its customers where they don’t deduct money and provide free internet service. There are two packages through which you can use free internet on the Botim. If you want to cancel your subscription from these packages and find codes to cancel, then you are at the right place.

How to activate and deactivate Botim in Etisalat?

How to deactivate Botim in Etisalat?

Etisalat allows UAE residents to make free calls and text messages through the Botim app. It is only accessible for UAE residents, but if you want to do deactivation of it, you need to follow a set of instructions that allows you to unsubscribe from the offer by yourself.

There are different ways by which you can unsubscribe Botim in Etisalat.

How to unsubscribe from Etisalat’s Botim – All the methods

If you are subscribed to any self-renewal plan, it gets renewed every 28 days. Then, if you want to cancel this, here you have how to cancel Botim Etisalat in some different ways.

Calling or Mobile Internet Calling tariff plan

Sending an SMS

Method 1

  1. Send an SMS with “CCP” to 1012.
  2. After sending the message, Etisalat will cancel the active subscription and you will receive a confirmation SMS immediately after deactivation.

Method 2

  1. Send the text message “CFMICP” to 1012.
  2. Once the message is sent, Etisalat will cancel the active subscription and the user will receive a confirmation SMS immediately after deactivation.
Typing a code
  1. Enter the USSD code *135#.
  2. This will give you access to Etisalat’s tariffs and features.
  3. Select the relevant tariffs you are already subscribed to here
  4. Delete or deactivate them so that they are no longer renewed.

Are you leaving UAE? Then, we recommend you get your Etisalat subscription permanently deactivated.

How to cancel Botim subscription in Etisalat eLife?

You can unsubscribe from the Botim subscription by the following methods:

Typing a code
  • You need to dial *135# USSD code to cancel your Etisalat’s elife.
  • You can dial *101#
  • Continue to select your current active plan.
  • Then, select one of the options to delete it.
Using the My Etisalat UAE app.
  1. Download the My Etisalat UAE app for Android and iPhone.
  2. Sign in to the My Etisalat UAE app.
  3. Select your current program
  4. Cancel your subscription

How to activate Botim in Etisalat?

If you are searching for a free Botim service provided by Etisalat, you need to follow these simple and basic instructions to do the activation of Botim on your mobile phone.

  1. You have to type the message “DICP”.
  2. Send it to 1012 to activate the free Botim service on your device.