Download Emirates ID

How to download Emirates ID? The Emirates ID is a mandatory ID card for UAE citizens and residents issued by the ICA (Federal Identification and Citizenship Authority). Well, this ID card is physical and must be carried by residents and citizens at all times, as usual. However, there is also a digital Emirates ID that you can use while waiting for a physical “traditional” card. In this article, you can know how to get the electronic version of your Emirates ID in the UAE.

How to download Emirates ID online?

How to download Emirates ID online?

The Emirates ID is an important document in the UAE, how can I get a copy online? If you still don’t have the physical version of the Emirates ID card, there is a way to download the electronic Emirates ID to use it temporarily. Here’s how:

  1. Download the app ICA UAE Smart

Download it for Android here

Download it for Apple devices here

  1. Log in with your UAE Passport or personal account details. New users should register and create an account by providing the required details such as Emirates ID number, passport number, expiry date and a valid email address.

You can use your UAE passport details when registering your UAE e-ID.

  1. You will receive an email to confirm and verify your account once the Emirates ID registration is complete.
  1. Now, tap on “Emirates ID” section. Here you can see the details of your Emirates ID and the IDs of people under your sponsorship
  2. Scan the QR code to create your Emirates ID e-card in the “View QR Code” option. This will allow you to download your Emirates ID as a QR to be shown when needed.

Until your physical ID is printed and submitted, the Emirates e-ID (which is identical) can be used for various government services. It is also valid for telecommunication services such as du and Etisalat.

Where is the E-Emirates ID valid?

The new version of the Emirates ID is valid for government agencies and other institutions that require the Emirates ID until a physical card is available.

Is the digital Emirates ID free?

Yes, the electronic version is available for free in the ICA Smart app. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.