How to Deactivate all du Packages

Losing balance every day without even knowing is sick. Unsubscribing to any du data package is indeed difficult due to the lack of an unsubscription procedure in the du mobile application. Instead of losing credit every day, you have the cancelling right.

We’ll show you how to cancel all du packages in this article. We will cover how to cancel subscriptions on du prepaid? How to deactivate botim in du? How to cancel a du postpaid plan? How to deactivate the social package? How to deactivate daily data bundles in du? and many more things. Sometimes it will be just a matter of typing a code. So, let’s start.

How to cancel all subscriptions on du prepaid?

How to cancel all subscriptions on du prepaid?

How to unsubscribe from all prepaid services in DU? In the United Arab Emirates, Du is the second-largest telecommunications provider. They provide hundreds of data, calling, and SMS plans to choose from. They also give you their value-added services and add-ons. They are more likely to increase or deduct your mobile credit.

Du services are sometimes enabled by default, or some services are enabled by default. You’re merely reducing your mobile credit because of this. So, you may want to cancel them.

To deactivate packages or subscriptions on du prepaid you have to do:

  1. Create a new text message in your messaging app, type “STOPALL,” and send it to 9000.
  2. You’ll get a response with a list of all your active services.
  3. To deactivate a service, simply respond with a service number, such as 1, 2, or 3.

Be careful, as this will cancel all the services

How to cancel a DU postpaid plan?

To cancel your Du postpaid service, just contact their customer service department. They’ll walk you through the process of cancelling your Du postpaid plan.

  • In the UAE: 155 or 800 155
  • Overseas: +971 5 55678155

Cancellation of the notice service. You may cancel the Service by giving 30 days’ written notice and immediately paying any early cancellation fee applicable to cancellation before the end of the Minimum Term, together with any outstanding fees.

How to deactivate DU social package?

You can deactivate your du social package (daily or unlimited) by 2 methods:

Method 1

You can cancel your daily or unlimited plan by:

  1. Texting the word “stop” to the number 1335
  2. You will receive a deactivate code or confirmation code from DU after it is completed.

There are no fees associated with deactivating your social package

Method 2

You also can cancel your daily or unlimited plan by typing the deactivate code:

  1. Dialing *135*7# OR *135*5#

Then, choose the following:

  1. “5” -> Data offers
  2. “3” -> Daily data bundles
  3. “2” -> For daily social data bundles
  4. “2” -> To unsubscribe from the current bundles
  5. “1” -> To confirm unsubscription

How to deactivate the daily data bundle in DU?

Daily du packages are valid for 24 hours. After this time, they will be automatically renewed every day. To deactivate any DU daily data plan, just:

  1. Dial *135*7#
  2. Wait for the options to display to deactivate the daily data pack
  3. Then press 2 to unsubscribe the service.

These are the options

  • “5” -> Data offers
  • “3” -> Daily data bundles
  • “1” -> For daily data bundles
  • “2” -> To unsubscribe from the current bundles
  • “1” -> To confirm unsubscription
  • or…

    If this is not working (by any reason), you can try this alternative method:

    1. Send an SMS with the text “STOP DATA” to 1355

    How to deactivate DU daily data package?

    If the methods above do not succeed, you can try the following:

    How to deactivate du daily data package 2 aed?

    To deactivate your DU daily data package 2 AED, just:

    1. Dial *135*7# to deactivate the DU daily bundle worth 2 AED. 
    2. After that, follow the directions displayed on the screen.

    How to deactivate du daily data package 3 aed?

    To deactivate your DU daily data package 3 AED 100 MB, just:

    1. Dial *135# to cancel the DU daily data plan 
    2. The instructions will appear on the screen on how to cancel or unsubscribe to the daily package.

    Set a data limit

    If just setting a data limit fit your needs, you can do it by

    1. Dialling *135*11#…
    2. …and choosing option 1.

    How to Check if the Plan is Deactivated or not?

    Once you perform any cancellation and it is processed, you should receive an SMS, if not try the following:

    1. Dial *135*120#
    2. Press 1
    3. You should get the plan status via an SMS

    How to deactivate botim in DU?

    If your monthly botim plan is being auto-renewed or you wish to switch networks entirely, we can provide you with information on how to unsubscribe Botim in DU. 

    When you choose auto-renewal plans, your plan will be renewed for a new subscription at the end of every 30 days so how to cancel it?. To stop this, use the methods listed below to unsubscribe the Botim in Du.

    1. Dial *135*35# or text ‘Stop Netcall’ to 1355 if you have a prepaid plan.
    2. SMS ‘Stop Netcall’ to 1355 if you’re on a postpaid plan.

    How to deactivate DU caller tune?

    To deactivate your DU caller tune without deactivation code, just:

    1. Go to your SMS messaging app
    2. Text a message of ”CTD” and send it to 1560. 
    3. You will soon receive a confirmation code for unsubscribing the DU caller tune.