Etisalat Emirates ID Update

How can I update my emirates ID on Etisalat? The TDRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) has introduced a regulation that requires you to update the registration of all your Etisalat mobile numbers by updating your profiles with valid and current identification details. This means that Etisalat customers need to renew their Etisalat mobile number (SIM) by … Read more

Etisalat reserve credit

How to borrow credit from Etisalat? The reserve credit is a credit loan that facilitates prepaid customers to send SMSs or make calls even without any credit. In today’s article, we will talk about how to get a credit loan from Etisalat, Etisalat reserve credit activation, how to use reserve credit in Etisalat, and many other … Read more

How to activate and deactivate Botim in Etisalat?

How to unsubscribe Botim in Etisalat? There is a free internet service by Etisalat in which you can call through different apps like Botim, HIU messenger UAE and voice. Once you subscribe to this internet package, you can use the internet through these apps without deducting any credit from your account. People in UAE commonly … Read more

How to unsubscribe Etisalat?

Are you looking to unsubscribe from Etisalat for any reason? Let suppose you are leaving UAE and you want to deactivate your Etisalat services, or you want subscription cancellation. You should read this article till the end because it will answer all your questions. So, let’s start. How to cancel all Etisalat subscription? How do … Read more

Etisalat router configuration

Do you need to configure an Etisalat router? Etisalat is an Internet and telecommunications service provider located in the United Arab Emirates. They offer both mobile and high-speed Internet access. They offer popular broadband services such as Al Shamil and eLife. In this article, we will talk about how to how to configure the Etisalat … Read more

Etisalat wifi password change

Do you need to change the wifi password of your Etisalat router? If someone has hacked your password and using your Wi-Fi for free you immediately think to change your router’s password. If you’re using Etisalat’s Wi-Fi, it will be easier than you can imagine. You need to take some easy steps, and you can … Read more

Know my Etisalat number and owner

How to know Etisalat number? Personal mobile number plays a vital role in your privacy. Still, it is essential to be acknowledged from your number as necessary because when you need to give your number to someone for any purpose, you should know it yourself. Thus Etisalat’s provides you with an easy code to find … Read more

Etisalat balance transfer: postpaid and prepaid

How to transfer Etisalat balance? Credit or balance transfer service is a new service provided by Etisalat where you can transfer your credit from one Etisalat’s number to another (or borrow load from another number). In this article, we will talk about how to transfer Etisalat balance, how to activate money transfer service in Etisalat, … Read more

Etisalat balance check

How to check Etisalat balance? If you start using Etisalat, you will probably find out different codes about the internet,  balance, data, and international minutes’ bundles. Also, you know that Etisalat operates in more than 16 countries across Asia, Africa, and the middle east; therefore, different countries have different balance check codes and numbers to … Read more