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  • Activate Etisalat sim
    Do you need to activate your Etisalat eSIM? If you travel a lot and are new to UAE or live in the state of the UAE, you will need a UAE-based number. A … Read more
  • Best adult-only hotels in Dubai
    When visiting the modern and exciting megacity of Dubai, stay in comfort in one of the best hotels for adults. This type of hotel offers a unique experience for a relaxing and enjoyable … Read more
  • Check your registered Emirates ID mobile phone number
    Do you want to check your registered Emirates ID mobile phone number? Several Emirates ID’s are linked to numbers of their organisation’s HR or of the PRO that was involved, that is why … Read more
  • Credit card for 3000 salary in UAE (or below)
    Do you need a credit card in UAE on a 3000 salary or below? Although a credit card is one of the most convenient banking products, before you can get one, you need … Read more
  • Download Emirates ID
    How to download Emirates ID? The Emirates ID is a mandatory ID card for UAE citizens and residents issued by the ICA (Federal Identification and Citizenship Authority). Well, this ID card is physical … Read more
  • DU balance check
    If you want to check the balance available in your DU account, what is the method? In this guide, you will learn to know how much data and minutes are left in your … Read more
  • DU Balance Transfer
    In this article, we are going to talk about how to transfer DU balance, DU international credit transfer, how to transfer the balance from du to du, and how to transfer the load … Read more
  • du id renewal and update
    du ID renewal is a trend. Here we will talk about a convenient way to renew and update Emirates ID for du customers. Well, I’m lying and this is not nice, because there … Read more
  • DU sim card: how to register, renew and activate
    DU sim card renewal is currently a trend. Do you want to register, renew or activate you du SIM card? You are not the only one and of course, you are not alone. … Read more
  • DU WiFi password change
    If you are a DU customer, you might want to change your DU internet password or want to check the username and password of your router to keep you WIFI secured. So, how … Read more
  • Dubai Postal and Zip code: all you should know
    Do you need to know any Dubai postal code? If that’s you. it might be a little confusing for you. However, you should know you are not the first one struggling with the … Read more
  • Emirates ID fine check
    How can I check individual fines on Emirates ID? Fines on their Emirates ID has become a little more complicated during the Covid 19 pandemic and many foreigners and expats find it difficult … Read more
  • Emirates ID Fingerprinting Centers In Dubai and UAE – The List
    If you want to know where you can find Emirates ID biometric/fingerprinting centers in Dubai & UAE you got the right place. As you may know, Emirates ID Biometrics is compulsory for everyone individual in Dubai and UAE. We … Read more
  • Emirates ID Status
    How can I check the status of my Emirates ID application? The Emirates ID is an important and mandatory proof of identity for UAE residents. Anyone moving to the UAE must obtain this … Read more
  • Etisalat balance check
    How to check Etisalat balance? If you start using Etisalat, you will probably find out different codes about the internet,  balance, data, and international minutes’ bundles. Also, you know that Etisalat operates in … Read more
  • Etisalat balance transfer: postpaid and prepaid
    How to transfer Etisalat balance? Credit or balance transfer service is a new service provided by Etisalat where you can transfer your credit from one Etisalat’s number to another (or borrow load from … Read more
  • Etisalat Emirates ID Update
    How can I update my emirates ID on Etisalat? The TDRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) has introduced a regulation that requires you to update the registration of all your Etisalat mobile numbers by updating … Read more
  • Etisalat reserve credit
    How to borrow credit from Etisalat? The reserve credit is a credit loan that facilitates prepaid customers to send SMSs or make calls even without any credit. In today’s article, we will talk about … Read more
  • Etisalat router configuration
    Do you need to configure an Etisalat router? Etisalat is an Internet and telecommunications service provider located in the United Arab Emirates. They offer both mobile and high-speed Internet access. They offer popular … Read more
  • Etisalat SIM card registration renewal
    Do you need to register your Etisalat SIM card? In today’s article, we will talk about how to do Etisalat sim card registration online, something mandatory. Renewal failure will make your number suspended. … Read more
  • Etisalat smiles: how to redeem them, link accounts and use the reward points
    How to redeem Etisalat smiles points? You can use smiles points as shopping vouchers or discounts at various restaurants and different places. These are the rewards that Etisalat gives to its customers. These … Read more
  • Etisalat wifi password change
    Do you need to change the wifi password of your Etisalat router? If someone has hacked your password and using your Wi-Fi for free you immediately think to change your router’s password. If … Read more
  • FAB Balance check – step by step
    We are going to talk about “FAB bank balance check“. Yes. The balance inquiry on FAB bank was supposed to be easygoing but sometimes it is not, even though you can check your … Read more
  • How to activate and deactivate Botim in Etisalat?
    How to unsubscribe Botim in Etisalat? There is a free internet service by Etisalat in which you can call through different apps like Botim, HIU messenger UAE and voice. Once you subscribe to … Read more
  • How to change mobile number in Emirates ID
    How to change Emirates ID mobile number? If you need to use your Emirates ID to obtain any government services, you may need a one-time use password (OTP) to complete the required transaction … Read more
  • How to check DU number
    Do you need to check a DU number? If you are using a DU sim number in UAE, then you should know its mobile number and other details. In this article, we will … Read more
  • How to connect Epson l365 printer to wifi
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  • How to copy contacts from iPhone to SIM
    How to export iPhone contacts to SIM? One of the first things we do when we change Smartphone is to copy our contacts. Nobody likes to ask for the phone number of their … Read more
  • How to Deactivate all du Packages
    Losing balance every day without even knowing is sick. Unsubscribing to any du data package is indeed difficult due to the lack of an unsubscription procedure in the du mobile application. Instead of … Read more