Etisalat smiles: how to redeem them, link accounts and use the reward points

How to redeem Etisalat smiles points? You can use smiles points as shopping vouchers or discounts at various restaurants and different places. These are the rewards that Etisalat gives to its customers. These points will help you have deals on multiple areas like malls and hotels, and you will enjoy this service as a reward from Etisalat.

Suppose you want to know how to claim Etisalat smiles. Etisalat has made a new app called smiles UAE app, which is available for residents in UAE. In 2017 smiles app was created. In past years it was only for unique customers of Etisalat, but now it works for every Etisalat customer. In this article, we will talk about how to redeem my Etisalat points, how to link Etisalat account to smiles, and how to use Etisalat reward points? So, let’s start.

How to redeem Etisalat smiles points?

How to redeem my Etisalat points?

If you want to redeem Etisalat’s smile point, then you need to follow these instructions.

  1. You need to login Etisalat’s website and then open the renewal panel
  2. If there are not enough smile points present, etisalat rewards points redemption will not occur.
  3. You need enough points to redeem.
  4. Then it will transfer you to a page where an app code generates, which will automatically fill in the coupon.
  5. Now use the point slider for how many points you want to redeem a reward
  6. Then coupon having your code will be sent to your email for records.

How to link the Etisalat account to smiles?

You can only link your Etisalat account to smiles if you are a registered member of smiles as it generates a pin that requires yourself registered on the smiles app. You can link accounts by

  1. There is an option in the app Link Your Account >LINK ACCOUNT USING PIN. When you follow it, a screen will be opened.
  2. Then you have to enter your smile’s registered number, which is an affixed number
  3. And then you have to SUBMIT it.

How to use Etisalat reward points?

Although you can use these points for multiple purposes, you can also use these reward points for associated websites and branches and Etisalat stores where you can use these points as discounts.

  • Etisalat stores (don’t forget to have a photo ID with you before visiting).
  • Websites (,