Dubai Postal and Zip code: all you should know

Do you need to know any Dubai postal code? If that’s you. it might be a little confusing for you. However, you should know you are not the first one struggling with the Dubai postal code. Keep reading this article to find out everything about the Dubai Zip code.

How to get a postcode in United Arab Emirates?

Did you know that you can rent your own mailbox from UAE Post? You can have a personal mailbox or a company mailbox. The cost is usually between AED 250 and AED 750 per month. Visit the Emirates Post website for more information on rental packages.

Dubai postal code

Technically, there is no postcode system in the United Arab Emirates. If you wish to receive mail, you must apply for a post office box at your local post office.

Like the Zip Code code in Dubai, the postcode in Dubai is “00000”, and the facts behind this number are the same. So if someone asks you about the postcode in Dubai, you can suggest them to write five zeros as a character.

You need to know the postcode in Dubai to use it in postal addresses or legal documents. Okay, but if we ask you to write “00000” as the postcode for Dubai, what would you do? Of course, no state in the United Arab Emirates has a postcode, which is an incredible fact.

Facts about the postcode Dubai

Based on the UAE postal system information, each building in Dubai has its own “Makani number” instead of the city or state postal code. This number must be provided for all addresses, whether for mail delivery or other purposes. If you write the “Makani number” on a parcel, it must be delivered to the right specific building.

Then, the Dubai Central Postal Authority recommends that the postcode in Dubai be marked with “00000” if writing something is mandatory.

  • Bur Dubai Postal code: 00000
  • Bur Dubai Postal code: 00000
  • Deira Dubai Postal code: 00000
  • Deira Dubai Postal code: 00000
  • Dera postal code: 00000
  • Postal code Abu Grad: 125212 (zip code)
  • Alnada zip code: 98623
  • Alnada zip code: 98623

Dubai Central Post Office

The Dubai Central Post Office has a postcode and zip code system that recommends the use of PO Box numbers for business addresses and PO Boxes. Like businesses, individuals can also get a PO Box for secure mail delivery, of course, it is not free. The registration fee is AED 70 plus AED 250 as an annual fee.

Mailbox requirements in Dubai

A PO Box is the best alternative to Dubai postcodes or Dubai postcodes and Makan numbers. Find below how you can get it if you meet these requirements.

  1. Fill in the required application form, which you will receive from the Dubai Central Post Office.
  2. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the UAE passport and identity card.
  3. 2 A passport photo is also required.
  4. You can now request a mailbox online at the UAE Post official website.

UAE National P.O. Box Number

  • Postcode in Dubai: 333388
  • Abu Dhabi P.O. Box Number: 111188
  • Postcode in Al Ain: 222288
  • Deira P.O. Box Number: 444488
  • Sharjah PO Box Number: 555588
  • Ajman P.O. Box Number: 666688
  • Umm Al Quwain P.O. Box Number: 777788
  • Postcode Fujairah: 888888
  • Ras Al Khaimah P.O. Box Number: 999988