How to connect wifi without password in Android mobile

Many times we go to a friend’s house and we want to connect to their WiFi network, with this article we will show you how to do it without having the password or also some tricks to connect to any WiFi network.

We’ll show you how to connect to WiFi networks without a password, and in this case, we don’t mean trying to break into a private network without the owners’ permission. There are several types of networks of this type, some are private and others are free.

How to connect wifi without password in Android mobile

The main key is your WPS button on your router.

All routers, which have the mission to distribute an internet signal via WiFi, have the function to provide us with the password of this device with a simple button called WPS. WPS stands for Wifi Protected Setup, which can be translated as WiFi Secure Setup,

The system that your router provides you with, has the function of connecting you wirelessly; without long and complicated passwords in a controlled way to a WiFi connection. All this can be done at the touch of a button. In this way, it is not necessary to enter a password to join that particular internet connection.

Usually, routers are configured with long and tedious passwords to prevent anyone from connecting to our WiFi network. Another reason for these complicated and lengthy passwords is to prevent hackers from accessing our device and to prevent unwanted external parties from accessing it, as well as to allow us to see who is connected to the WiFi and disconnect them.

Connecting to WiFi without a password on Android: Step by Step

The WPS button on your router is responsible for this procedure without the need to type in a password. Here we will guide you with this simple explanation of how to do it.

Something that is very important to take into account is that these pairings are only possible with mobile phones, tablets and other compatible devices to make this method easier.

Firstly, we must look at the router to which we want to connect and which is providing us with a signal of optimum quality; we must go to the back of our device in question and proceed to press the WPS button. We have to leave it pressed for approximately 10 seconds.

Then we must connect our mobile phone to the aforementioned WiFi network without the tedious procedure of entering a long and difficult password.

As we told you before, this technology is not compatible with all devices on the market, as it was created in 2006 and we will know if our mobile phone is compatible if in my router appears a symbol of two arrows in a circle, many of these can have problems, such as your mobile phone disconnects from WiFi only.

We have to emphasize that this process will only be done once since this configuration will be saved on our mobile. Some of the Android versions that are not compatible with this process are 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

We have to be careful with the use of the WPS button.

Just the idea that with a single button you can connect directly to your router is really fantastic; but we must be very careful when using this button, as doing so puts our connection at risk. When we use this button, we remove the security measures of our device.

There is the possibility that an unwanted person can connect to our router and enjoy my connection when we press the WPS button. This means that when we press this button, we leave the security of this device vulnerable.

Things to consider when sharing the password with different Android devices

A clear example, of the particularities that bring the operating systems, for different mobile phones; we have the phones ROM MIUI of Xionami, these Smartphone can enter with the access key that is generated from these devices, by means of a QR Code.

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With the information provided you will now know how to connect to a WiFi network without the need for long and annoying passwords, visit our website and you will not regret it.