How to connect Epson l365 printer to wifi

If you need to connect your Epson L365 printer to wifi and print something, first of all you will need to set it up so your device connects to it.

How to connect Epson l365 printer to wifi

Epson L365 setup

In order to install it and connect it via WIFI connection, it is necessary to follow the following steps to connect it correctly. It is very simple if we follow the instructions and it will give us the freedom to print from any device connected to the wifi network without having to connect it via USB and having to have the printer in the same room.

The Epson L355 printer has a button on its control panel with the Wi-Fi symbol, which will allow us to connect it in a simple way. We will then follow the steps below:

How to connect the Epson L365 printer via WIFI

  1. Insert the installation CD and follow the steps indicated. Once installed, it will ask us if we want to request it.
  2. In connection type we choose “Wireless connection”.
  3. If this is the first time you are going to install it, choose “I am going to configure my printer for the first time” and if not, select the other option.

Now we have 2 methods to establish the connection, by USB or by WPS.


Press the WIFI button for 3 seconds.
Go to the router and press the WPS button.
We wait a few seconds for the connection to be established.


  1. Connect the printer to the computer via USB
  2. Follow the steps that are indicated in the installation
  3. Finally, we can print a test page and check that everything is working correctly.

Alternative setup

Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the product for 3 seconds. Make sure the product is within range of the router or access point. Note: Do not place the product near microwave ovens, 2.4 GHz cordless phones or large metal objects such as a filing cabinet.

How many sheets does an Epson L365 print?

The L365 is the wireless multifunctional that redefines economy for today’s active families. Unique with EcoTank, Epson’s original Ink Tank system, it includes 1 bottle of black ink and 3 bottles of colour ink, for quality printing of 4000 pages in black or 6500 pages in colour.

How to print on thick paper on the Epson L365?

Open the Print dialog box. Click the button to expand this dialog box. Select the printer you are using in the Printer setting. Set the appropriate Paper Size setting with Manual – Front in brackets.

How to clean the Epson L365 printer heads?

Using the buttons on the printer Check that there is Letter or A4 size paper loaded in the sheet feeder. Press and hold the maintenance button for three seconds. The printer will start cleaning the printhead and the power indicator will start flashing.